Peripheral Neuropathy

If you’ve experienced one of these 7 signs of Peripheral Neuropathy in your HANDS or FEET?

We may be able to HELP!

  • Numbness
  • Burning Pain
  • Cramping Pain
  • Sharp electrical pain
  • Prickling, tingling or pins and needles feeling
  • Balance problems and falling
  • Can’t sleep from the pain in your hands or feet

Peripheral neuropathy is most common in older adults that are Pre-diabetic/diabetic, have poor circulation and those who have received chemotherapy.

Peripheral neuropathy is a progressive disease which means it only gets worse with time IF you don’t do anything about it.

We have specialized in the most current and up-to-date treatments for relieving peripheral neuropathy symptoms while also stimulating nerve healing and growth.

Let us help you get your life back!